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Sending you love and peace during this difficult time! So sorry.
Yep. I'm planning to.
Me too! I'm glad to see this thread!
We haven't decided yet. Last time we waited until birth, but this time, I'm not sure what we will decide.
Thanks! And yes, my local ICAN group has been amazing with e support and recommendations! Thanks for your recommendations, too!
I'm looking to find a local midwife in preferably in south Austin.  My first child was a very low-risk pregnancy with no complications, however, was a c-section birth due to late deceleration of heart rate (a situation not likely to repeat itself).   This pregnancy, I'm looking for a midwife, instead of an OB/GYN.  The midwife must be very educated and supportive of VBACs and have a history of helping clients successfully obtain a VBAC birth.  I'm also seeking out...
I'm glad things are alright! I also have been having spotting; from weeks 6-7. I didn't have any at all with my pregnancy with DD, so I was also a little freaked out. I went in for an u/s, because I was also having cramping on my left side, and they wanted to verify that it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. For me, it turned out that I have a subchorionic hemorrhage, and its finally stopped bleeding this week. It's so scary when you can't tell what's going on with our bodies!...
I wish! I've also been having more aversions than cravings. Everything just tastes so bad and blah. I remember LOVING food while pregnant with DD. Not the case currently.
I'm also going to wait as long as possible to be in maternity. I had a lot of winter clothes, since last time, I was pregnant through winter, and we lived in Michigan. Now we live Texas, so I'm not sure yet how much of what I used last time is usable this time.
I honestly don't know, and I'm starting to get a feeling of pressure. I'm in a different state than with DD, and haven't yet found a care provider. I'm in the researching and interviewing process to find a local midwife. I also am aiming for a VBAC, and a homebirth, I think. I need to get on the ball with this I think.
New Posts  All Forums: