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I'm trying to find this book used if possible....PM me if you have one you want to get rid of, thanks!
See the lazy girl in me would take that as God's way of telling me to eat chocolate and stay home...with a good book. Lol!
Check this out- http://cbs4boston.com/topstories/loc...300112352.html Sorry if someone already posted this, I just thought it was great! Happy Halloween!
I can see why it would be very hard to understand and keep track of the vaccine schedule when you delay or exclude some vaccines. I used to work in the field as a RN (please, no flames! I tried to make a difference in educating parents instead of just pushing vaccines) and it was confusing for me doing it every day! Since they actually need less doses (per CDC anyway) on some vaccines when delayed, it gets complicated. I was trying to make sure my son got exactly what...
she is BEAUTIFUL!! congratulations, mama! you did it, what a woman!
oops! before pit= 3-4 after pit through pushing with a posterior babe (back labor)= 9-10 after c-section anesthesia didn't work and I felt the incision= 15 after they put me to sleep= 0, THANK GOD! So much for my hands-off waterbirth, ugh! My peaceful birth vanished into my nightmare...I wish I could replay it again differently! Sorry my story is such a downer.
I'll second the Harleyz!
My DS nurses on my left side once or twice a day, only at night. He's favored the right since birth 10 months ago. I tried pumping my left side but got tired of it after a few months. My LC said it was normal for babies to favor one side over the other, because your milk may let down faster/slower on one side. She also said to offer the less favored side when babe is half asleep or not as hungry and impatient. It stinks, though, because now I'm about a B1/2 on one...
We just tried a Quorn loaf today...anyone else experienced with it? Is it as healthy as it sounds? The package says it's a fungus...it's a little disturbing that it tastes so much like turkey. But with my vegetarian dh, and me severely allergic to soy, it seems to be a great solution to our protein problems! Just wondering if it is as good as it seems....and if there is a cheaper place to find it than United Supermarkets.
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