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Checking in from prodromal labor land! Contractions since Tuesday morning, some are 15 min apart, others 6, then back to 9 then 15 then 4 then 6. You get the idea. I am so tired of timing contractions! Lost my plug, never had that happen before. Membranes stripped Tuesday afternoon. Chiro yesterday. Acupuncture today. I am honestly very patient and willing to wait for this little man to check out of the penthouse suite of my Ritz Carlton womb. The only reason for the strip...
Wow! A 2 hour labor! Congratulations on your tiny little bundle!
Awesome birth! Insanely jealous of it actually. Congratulations!!!
Yes, thanks for the link! Hope you are doing well today Finch!
So good to hear from you! That is so sweet that the girls are so concerned! Awww. Happy babymoon!
Woohoo! Easy, fast labor vibes for you!:
Well, yesterday was an interesting day. Contractions every 15 minutes all morning then every 6-9 minutes all night. At my midwife appointment she checked me but first the kids were CRAZY in the room when I was naked and unable to do much pantless and all. And after a high blood pressure reading I was panicked so I started crying (hormones much) when she walked in. Another midwife took the boys and entertained them through the appointment, bless her! The boys were just...
I know that she was supposed to be in labor...any word from her?
Yay! Congratulations!
My first was crazy gassy and turns out he had a milk protein allergy. I eliminated all dairy and it was a couple of weeks but he did get much better. You might try eliminating dairy for now and see how it goes....it will take a couple of weeks to get out of your system though.
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