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Hi! I wish I were better at checking in around here. How do we get invitations to the facebook group? I'm on facebook all the time so I think I'd be better at that I totally sympathize with everyone having 1 to 2 transition issues. DS1 is 2.5 and really acted out the first few weeks. He seems to be settling in, which is good, and has even asked me when he'll have a baby sister. (Ha. Hopefully not for a long while!) DS2 is now two months old and is such a sweet, smiley...
I have a ring sling, a moby wrap, and a beco. DH has a ring sling and then will also use the moby or beco. We haven't used the beco with DS2 at all yet, but the sling and wrap are pretty useful, especially with a 2.5 year old running around.    Question for you ladies -- how do you dress your LO for being worn when the weather is in the 60s/70s? It's still fairly nice here weather-wise, but really variable throughout the day. I don't want my LO to get overheated, but...
I'm just getting around to doing this, five weeks later!   Birth center Vaginal G2P2 Waterbirth 40 weeks 1 day 7lb 14oz, 21" long male He was born in the caul during a pretty fast, five-hour long labor :)
Hi, ladies... I guess I can join in here now :)    I hope those of you with baby blues and PPD start feeling better ASAP, if you haven't started feeling better already. I started taking more fish oil, vit D, etc to try to keep the baby blues at bay, but that hasn't seemed to work for me so far. I get very teary several times a day :( I hope it passes quickly because seriously, this is just ridiculous. After the physical and emotional exhaustion of pregnancy and...
Labor vibes, Jules!! can't wait to see a birth announcement from you!
Thanks, ladies!! I looked at the pictures last night and it was pretty cool to see the caul pics... though actually going through it was not as cool lol. 
Probably around 5 hours. I was getting up at night to go to the bathroom, but I didn't think they were real contractions until about 5:45am. DS was born at 10:20am. It was so different from my first birth, and definitely overwhelming, but shockingly enough I didn't end up with any tears this time around, despite a much faster labor and only 20 minutes of pushing. It's still too real though to think about doing this again anytime soon :)
Very quick birth details -- Brendan James, our second child, was born this morning after a less than five hour labor, at 40w1day. I felt railroaded by contractions and would prefer not to do that again lol. He was born in the caul in my first waterbirth :) 7lb14oz, 20in long! We're in love! 
Thanks for the labor vibes, ladies!! Baby Brendan arrived this morning!!
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