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i am really excited because my midwife will do it for me this time! i, personally, don't think it is gross at all. I think placentas are amazing!!!!
found out first time, didn't second but totally KNEW it was a boy, and not planning on finding out this time. my reason? I don't trust the safety  of ultrasound. but I agree people had the strangest reactions "you are so brave" or "good for you" I didn't know it was heroic not to find out LOL
as far as CD and EC the two easiest things for me were... prefolds and no cover (when around the house) so I would know immediately if he was wet and you can cue them as they are going so they connect the cue with going even if in their diaper... OR just AIO were good because they were easy to take on and off quickly
did you do it preventively or when you were in "the thick of it" ?? :) I am going on a plane with my two kkids by myself in two weeks and I am terrified that that is when the puking is going to start full throttle so I am tempted to get a b6 shot.  any thoughts??
anyone done the pencil test? you can do it even before you have kids so far everyone I know has been right with it but I don't remember what it said for me. chinese calendar said girl for this and it was right with my son but wrong with my girl
my dd weaned when I got pregnant with ds without too much sorrow :) the milk dried up and it was too painful. Now my son is nursing like normal (which is still a lot) he's not yet 2. and I don't know what will happen in the next few weeks!! but I hope it doesn't happen tramatically. I am okay with tandem nursing but wouldn't prefer it
I will join in! my first was birth center, second homebirth and planning for the same this time ( I am not quite ready to go unassisted) but  maybe waterbirth this time? I already called my midwife even though it is early to make sure she is free in march!
I do plan on Cding again with this one BUT I have like every kind of diaper and I think I also have decided on pfolds and covers and get rid of anything that is not that (or aio) because my poor dh was getting frustrated even though he wouldn't complain because he didn't know how they all worked. so I have a lot of diapers to sell and get what I really do like. I am just wondering how quickly they go through the sizes. I don't even think I will buy the newborn size (both...
I think maybe I could hide it but just look like I am getting a pooch EXCEPT for the fact that I am a dance teacher and wear leotards to class.....so I almost want to tell all the parents next week so they don't just think Miss Mizelle is gettting fat! haha
hang in there! I am trying to convince myself a lot of it is mental (even if it is not) I don't feel too crappy yet but I do feel like pregnant overnight!! I just found out two days ago and already I am peeing in the night  and eating constantly to avoid nausea among other things! so I hear. this is my 3rd and I remember with my 2nd that everything seemed to happen sooner. showing sooner, feeling baby sooner etc. so i think that is all normal! 
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