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That is crazy!!  I'm really worried that my MIL won't get to my house on time (she's watching my older two) because we'll wait too long to call her.  I've had lots of dreams that this baby is going to come very quickly, but then part of me thinks that's just wishful thinking!
A girl that I work with asked me who I would pick from our office to deliver the baby if needed.  I told her no one.  I'm pretty sure that I know more about birthing babies than anyone that I work with.  If I needed to I would just have the baby alone!
aww!  squish!  I love all these babies...I want one too!
I didn't have it at all with my first, but then with my second I was cleaning like crazy right before he came.  The jury is still out on whether or not I'll start nesting with the third.  I feel like keeping up with the normal cleaning is keeping me plenty busy anyway since I'm still working.  I certainly feel like all I do is clean!   Luckily my MIL is staying with my other two while I have the baby.  She LOVES to clean for some reason so I know that I'll be coming...
I agree... People are already asking me when (not if) I'm going to be induced.  It just seems like such a foriegn concept for them to actually just let the baby come.    ETA - and I still have two weeks until my "due" date!
 I have tried to check myself a couple of times and I can't seem to get any real information!  I'm not sure if I just can't get in a good postion to reach it or what. 
So... it's crazy, but today I actually feel WAY better than I did yesterday.  Yesterday I was miserable and didn't know how I was going to make it through working that day, let alone come in today.  I think that if I felt this good everyday it would be easy to keep working!  I keep trying to figure out what the difference is, but I can't.  Oh well, I will take it!
aww!! she's gorgeous!!!    eta - I also love the owls!
Well... I kept dreaming that I was in labor last night, but then I kept waking up and NOT being in labor.  Maybe someday this baby will come.
Congratulations!!!   (I love long birth stories with lots of details!)
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