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Uncomfortable here FOR SURE!!!    It hit me like a ton of bricks last week and now I just can't shake it.  I'm not "due" until the 19th and I'm really hoping that I don't go over because I'm already miserable!  I started working four day weeks as of this week so thankfully I'm off tomorrow and have a three day weekend.  Hopefully I'll get some rest, but with my other two (ages 2&6) running around I'm seriously doubting it!
I have one nursing tank from target that I bought a month or so ago.  I can wear it now so it probably will be huge on me in a couple months.  This is my third baby though and it's the first nursing tank that I have ever had.  I plan to just wear regular clothes and either pull up or pull down depending on what I have on.  I just wear regular bras or tanks with built in bras and have never really had an issue.  I'm a B normally and a C/D while pregnant and for the first...
I'm still working so I'm using pretty much all the energy that I have taking care of the two I have at home and staying on top of the normal "stuff".   Laundry, dishes and bath nights are killing me right now.   I am definitely not nesting yet. 
Hmm...  I'm not ready because -   I have to be 37 weeks for the birth center (a little less than two weeks) I haven't washed anything or installed the car seat I'd like more time off over the summer vs now when it's cold and my oldest is still in school The end of this pregnancy kind of snuck up on me!  
I am SOOOO here!    I just say he'll come sometime in April since I'm "due" mid month.  I don't get why everyone is obsessed with the actual date either, like it's a coutdown or something.
I have an April Fools Baby already!!  My almost 2 year old was born 4/1/2009.  I was due the 12th with him, but he came a tad early.  I'm "due" the 19th this time and kind of hoping that they don't have the same birthday. 
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