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Congratulations! I think it's great that you're starting your own business! That is a big decision to make and I wish you all the best!
Hi all! I'm a SAHM of a 16 month old. As you all know, this is a very time consuming position in life. I have a lot of mom friends and we get together regularly, but all we talk about is mom stuff and baby stuff. I am starting to feel really disconnected from the rest of the world and even my husband because I don't have time to read the news, magazines or anything. Whenever I think my DD is content playing by herself for a moment and I try to read something, she doesn't...
I know have a 9 day old beautiful baby girl. Yesterday and today it's like she can't stop eating. I am Breastfeeding and my nipples are so sore. All she wants to do is eat. I might get a break for an hour every once in a while, but it doesn't take long before she starts rooting and crying again and she will stay latched to me for about an hour. Is this normal?
Yes, I am Breastfeeding. I an hoping I see some faster progress I the weeks to come.
so, I had my beautiful baby girl 8 days ago and am loving every minute of motherhood. However, I do not care for my post-pregnancy belly. I knew I was going to still have a belly for a while, but wasn't expecting it to be this big. Does anyone know how long before things flatten out a little more? I still look 5-6 months pregnant. Also I had a c-section if this makes a difference.
Does anyone else have problems with their hips while sleeping?  I can't seem to find a way to not wake up in a lot of pain.  I flip from side to side throughout the night and use pillows, but I just can't seem to figure out how to take the pressure off my hips.
That's awesome that you have having such good dreams.  I keep having nightmares that I'm bleeding heavily.  I have at least 2-3 of these dreams a week.  As far as I (and the doctor) can tell, I'm 100% healthy, so I think these dreams are just due to being a scared first time mom.  Is anyone else having dreams?
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