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Here are a BUNCH of iPad apps we have, or have tried, that are not pre-schooly. Many of them my 9.5 year old loves. Some are educational, some are not. 3D Brain WordsPyramid Wipeout Wall Wheel of Fortune Voicy + uTeachMe Virtuoso Piano Tiny Countries TinkerBox HD Theoreme de Pythagore Tesla Game Tayasui Sketches StorySmith: Medieval Kingdom Steam Gears Stack the States Stack the Countries Shuttle Mission Math Scribblenauts Run Kitty Run Roots to...
Are you on Facebook? There are many large active groups for different parts of Alaska. You may find a lot more input that way. Are you planning to camp on your trip, or hotel/ stay with people only?  
It sounds similar to the one my 5 year old likes to play! But this one is free. http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/
Does not require being notarized. There is a space for it on the form, but it is not required.
We learn at home because it is best for our children. Every person learns differently so finding a good fit is key to education in my opinion. Having a child with unique needs just highlights this more. WE use a life learning approach and love it!
If you are on Facebook the group Alaska Farm & Food would be a great place to inquire.
We do have  afew textbooks, although they get very little use. Mainly we collect educational subject books. EyeWitness books on specific subjects are great!  Also DK (Dorling Kindersley) reference books are a big hit. Max Axium science books in graphic novel form too! Actually any 'school' book in graphic novel form goes over well.
I have no idea what programs are available for Nook or Android devices, but we have found that getting an iPad has helped my son learn a lot! He is considered high functioning/ aspergers because he speaks well with a big vocabulary. There are many apps for communication from basic flashcards that speak a word when touched to very advanced type-to-speak programs. Basically, if it is an option or if there any available for the Nook, I would recommend finding autism,...
No worries about driving 30 minutes for groceries, lots of stores in all the areas. Midwivery here is great, with exception of Vbac laws. We have everything electric except heat & are not on the monthly even-payment plan. It can get up to about $200 during really cold winter months.
New Posts  All Forums: