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Cute shelf idea!  Thinking I may make some of those too.  :-)   Chalkboard paint --   1 cup acrylic paint (I'm using cheap walmart kind for now) 2 Tablespoons non-sanded group mix   blend together very well & paint!      Last night I painted wood, pressed cardboard, and a plastic rubbermaid tub's lid to try our different surfaces. Need to find the chalk & try them out now!    
No wind here tonight, but it's been raining for hours.....   yay.   Is anyone making homemade holiday gifts? If so, what are you making?  Looking for more ideas.   I plan to make waldorf style doll bad/ cradles. Chalkboard toys - found a recipe for making your own chalkboard paint so anything can be a chalkboard!  Probably sewing a few things too. Oh, and if I can find the right wooden shapes at JoAnns I'll be trying wooden pin people & bowling sets in little...
I applied last year & DS was denied - age 7 aspie with anxiety & SPD. He is showing need for more interventions lately so I am thinking I will re-apply soon & stick with the appeals if he is denied. Never hurts to try right?
I've had all 3 of my kids at Mat-Su Midwifery & they have some great tubs in thier suites!  I did not birth in the tubs but spend most of my labor in either tub or shower - moving out of the water was my choice.
I agree with those who have said to assess the situation & decide if saying anything is best. Also to keep calm & have your main focus on your child's needs.   There have been times when I state that my son has aspergers/ anxiety/ sensory issues, but generally I just ignore the ignorant masses.   Instances such as playgroups, church, clubs, or mama's meetup groups when people will be around my son a number of times I normally mention his special needs when he is...
Occupational therapy has helped my aspie a lot. He also has sensory issues which is why he got into OT before we got a DX for aspergers. BUt the aspect of having to work & communicate with his therapists, as well as other kids at the office, have been really helpful too.
My son attends a waldorf inpired school. He is an aspie with SPD & anxiety issues. The waldorf style of teaching is awesome for special kids in my opinion. All the arts, handwork, and extra movement are especially nice for the SPD issues. Yes, he does have his 'bad days' when he has a hard time. But overall he loves his school & really wants to keep attending. And of course the academics - although becasue of his anxiety issues he often thinks the opposite, he is doing...
  For those who plan ahead for emergencies (or just for weather here! LOL)  :   Wal-Mart now carries a small selection of survival type dehydrated food in 10# cans! The prices aren't that bad either, compared to what I have seen. Also 4-5 gallon buckets of wheat.   I thought this might be useful info for some of us.  :-)
I'm sorry about the job situation mama.   Congrats on the waldorf doll making! I have yet to start. LOL I plan to make a couple for Christmas so I better get on that.    
We got no trick-or-treaters at all. BUt we did go out to the local fire stations for thier 'open house' night & candy. Since my kiddos can't have any of the candy with colors in it anyways we just ended up with a small bag of assorted chocolates.   Maybe an inch of snow is all so far here, and very windy today! I hate having to go back & forth to school & such on windy days. Brrrr
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