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Thank you, Winterpromise and welcome! Mountain mama glad to see dome forward motion.
Hi everyone- Ian got the job! He'll start either April 7 or April 21. I'll miss him while he's in NY training, but I'm so excited for him (and for us). He got a huge raise in income and got one of the projects he wanted. We will go out for a celebratory breakfast tomorrow morning. Now, I can start on fixing the house up and get ready to apply for adoption! Yay, things are finally going in our favor!
@Monkeyscience- Isn't it interesting how the universe works? @PoorUglyHappy- If we are able to stay in Colorado, we will use Adoption Options and will try for their domestic infant adoption program. We had a rough weekend here. Ian's grandmother passed away on Saturday morning and Peaches had surgery on her ear for an aural hematoma on Saturday night. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of the day we delivered the boys. I did much better than I expected to do. This is one of...
Thanks, Mountain Mama!
MonkeyScience- Hi! I recently came across the card you sent me when we lost the boys and it made me smile to remember how much people here on Mothering reach out to/support each other. Also, congrats on your pregnancy!
Hi, I'm Deborah. We have 3 fur kids and a fin kid. Our dog, Peaches, is 3 1/2, our cat Leo (light gray) is almost 9 1/2, and our cat, Sushi (dark gray) is 7. We just got Emblem, our fish,about a month ago but I have no clue about the age of fishies! We lost 3 bio kids in pregnancy (twin boys and a little girl) after facing infertility issues. We had hoped to start the adoption process this past August. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job at that time so it's been put on...
I think so, yes. I imagine we'll wait a few months to make sure we are content in the area and that the job is going well. He was asked for a Skype interview for his dream job! Please cross everything for us. Thanks for reminding me to check out Minnesota adoption agencies.
Hi everyone   It seems that hubby has changed his mind (for the most part) and he has been applying to jobs at game companies. I think he has a really great shot at one of them and it would be near family which would be nice. We also got a call from the bank yesterday asking us if we wanted to refinance (we're not going to at this time given our unstable situation), however we did find out hubby's credit is amazing so we would not have to worry about housing at all. That...
PUH- It was a wholly financial decision, but I also want to make sure my hubby is happy, so that we can be the best parents possible to our kiddo. We also don't know whether we'll be able to stay in Colorado, so that makes it challenging to proceed with an adoption.
Hi everyone,   I've disappeared for a while. Here's the update: I think our adoption will be on hold for a while, but I am feeling mostly at peace with that. My hubby is going to work on building an independent video game business and I will keep trying to get a stable job outside of the house. I had my chance to build my business, it's his turn. Once we have that worked out and we feel comfortable, then we can start the process again.
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