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PUH- It was a wholly financial decision, but I also want to make sure my hubby is happy, so that we can be the best parents possible to our kiddo. We also don't know whether we'll be able to stay in Colorado, so that makes it challenging to proceed with an adoption.
Hi everyone,   I've disappeared for a while. Here's the update: I think our adoption will be on hold for a while, but I am feeling mostly at peace with that. My hubby is going to work on building an independent video game business and I will keep trying to get a stable job outside of the house. I had my chance to build my business, it's his turn. Once we have that worked out and we feel comfortable, then we can start the process again.
As for the job, the president responded to me within 2 days and told me to check in with him in a few weeks (that was about a week ago). There is a national agency, but they are very expensive. However, moving wouldn't be as much of an issue in that case. I might see if they would have any programs to work with our situation. I did find an agency in Boston and my mom is a social worker in Chicago, so she would have access to people who could help us find an agency there...
Hi everyone, our adoption is still on hold, but I'm thinking it may not be for much longer. Here's my update: I haven't checked in in a while, so I thought I would. I just had my surgery for Endometriosis about a week and a half ago. There were some scary moments and I am still hurting a bit, but otherwise I'm doing fine. On the job front, Ian hasn't done much, but Boston is still a possibility. I also had an interesting opportunity land in my lap a couple of days ago....
Hi all- I'm getting ready to meet a friend for lunch, so I'll have to respond to everyone later. In the meantime, here is a quick update from me. My husband did get laid off, but there is a chance he will get hired by a company in Massachusetts (in the Boston area). If he does, we'll be moving there. Does anyone know of some good, secular adoption agencies in the area?
Welcome, JenCox!
Good news on our front. I posted my resume and cover letter to a recruiting agency last night and they called me this morning! Interview is Monday.
QueenJane- Sounds overwhelming, but exciting! I'm sure you will all figure out what works and get a routine down.
Hi all-We still don't know about DH's job, but I may have some more income soon which is good. In other news, "Not exactly the babies I had in mind, but aren't they cute? These baby birds and their mama have decided to live in the beams just outside our sun porch. Mama was out hunting worms when I took this picture." (posted from a couple other threads- see picture).  
QueenJane- How frustrating. AFM- Well, it pays to mention changing income situations anywhere and everywhere. I mentioned our having to delay the adoption in a Facebook support group and someone contacted me about possible transcription work. It isn't a ton of money, but it would be helpful. It would also be an interesting change of pace. I have to take a test, but if I pass then I should have some extra income and wouldn't have to give up my writing or have work...
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