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Hi all- Things are going pretty well here. I am excited because I got things to organize my house with, so I can be prepared for a home study in a few months. Also, remember my friend I mentioned that had a bad experience with Pits, but adores Peaches? She said she'd be very comfortable giving us a reference. She's going to bring her hubby and her kiddos here in a week or two after I'm fully recovered from my surgery. She thinks that not only will her hubby love Peaches,...
Thanks Toothfairy. It is just too much for us. If we have a surprise BFP, I don't think we'll be upset about it, but the cost of adoption is quite high as well, so I don't want to waste the resources on treatments with a high risk of losing another baby.
PUH- We plan to go through an agency, so I am sure that the requirements would be different. I would crate train her if I had to, but she has horrible separation anxiety and that might be problematic in the long run. However, she has a new bed she likes a lot, so I may work more on the command "Go to Bed". 
Hi Laggie. We aren't planning on doing IF treatments anymore, but I'm stalking this thread and I remember you.
Thanks Fierbugg. No big plans right now. I think we just want to get through everything.
She has done a lot of training and I could probably get the trainers at both facilities to write a letter. She did basic manners 1-3 at the Boulder Valley Humane Society, she did Grumpy Growlers (that was for being reactive to dogs), Control Unleashed, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friday Night Sports, and Walk this Way at the Boulder Valley Humane Society. She tested out of basic obedience 1 at the Zoom Room and would probably test out of Obedience 2 and does Puplates. She used...
Fierrbug- Would you please put a candle by my recent BFP? Thanks.
Thank you Stevi and Fierrbug.hh
Thanks MountainMama. Even though we don't plan on starting the process until over the summer, I'm a planner so I've been reading up on home studies and adoption agencies in my state. I am most worried about the fact that my dog is an American Stafforshire Terrier (one of the breeds under the pit bull umbrella). I know boulder county told me that her breed wouldn't keep us from being placed and that they would just want to meet her, but what if a caseworker or agency...
That sounds good Smithie. I like Dan Savage.
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