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CMU204- You can buy frozen lemonade and Italian ice in the store. That's what I did :-). Today, for dinner I had bread with avocado. Trying to figure out what to eat now for a bit more protein.
I inflated quickly too, Nettlesoup. Here is me at 9w2d:              
So glad for you MamaMash!
Rainbow Baby Kelly belly pic time: 9w2d            
Welcome and congratulations Sphinxy! I also enjoy yoga and short walks to keep a moderate routine going. AFM- Belly is still doing some major growing! Going to have to move up to my size large maternity pants soon. I'm 9w2d today.                
I don't lie if people guess, but I haven't formally announced to local folk. It's pretty obvious though.
That's wonderful news! Please continue to keep us posted.
That's wonderful news! Please continue to keep us posted.
Blue- I actually have nodules that they may need to drain as a result of the PIO shots. I am not on the shots anymore and told the clinic that they need to put in my chart not to put me on them again. I am on Endometrin Suppositories, but will be starting to wean off next week. I am 9w1 day along today and they start weaning us off around 10 weeks. I have blood-work 2/1 and that determines how things will be adjusted. How exciting to be at 30 weeks! AFM- Had a ton of...
Now I'm having issues with prescriptions, but that's a lot easier to deal with than disappearing bloodwork.
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