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Newbian Mama-I meant that I had a rainbow baby that passed and I want one that is alive. Baby was still a rainbow because she/he gave us hope, but sadly did not make it.
Ugh. If one more person asks me if I've considered surrogacy when I mention adoption, I'm going to scream! Adopted children are not and should not be treated as "less than."
Colorado does not allow adoptions through facilitators. I'm unsure about how it would work with an adoption lawyer, but agency adoptions are highly encouraged here.
PUH- Thanks. I want to see your lab :-). Our current plan is for domestic infant adoption, but I figure it won't hurt to look into International as well. Have any of you compared both and what made you choose the path you did?
Hi all- We are officially beginning the adoption process."Just thought I'd update that I had a phone conversation with an adoption caseworker yesterday! She assuaged many of my fears and I've heard great things about the agency. The only two downsides: long wait time and high fee. However, I've only seen one that has lower fees than this one. I will be calling a couple other ones later today. One step closer to my living rainbow baby!" (pasted from other...
Hi- Haven't done very much yet. I am waiting until after the anniversary of our boys' passing to really delve in .I have been reading some books on adoption and have been spending a lot of time with my honorary niece and nephew.We are going to Chicago to be with family during our loss anniversary and during Passover.
Hi Rainey Daye- I'm glad things are going well for you so far with this babe and also glad that it doesn't stop your plans to eventually foster.
LOL, Kparker. Sushi thinks she's a dog. She decided to jump on the dog's bed and play with her tennis ball last night. Sadly, I did not have the video camera ready. Yes, hopefully less heartachey. Adoption has its own heartaches that can come with it, but at least we know that even if it takes several years, eventually a baby will come home with us.
rs11- How archaic of the various counties. I hope the private adoption works out for you.
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