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Granolamommie- What is ICI?
Hope- What a beautiful birth story. May you continue to have a beautiful experience as your LOs grow.
Blue- Thanks for the encouragement. In terms of hips, I highly recommend getting a maternity pillow. They lift your hips and you have a more even body position. Unfortunately, my fantastic one isn't sold anymore. I sometimes use it even when I'm not PG because it helps my back so much.
Suzie- That was my first noticeable symptom with my boys.
Queenjane- How exciting! Every step completed gets us closer. I'm excited just having read about adoption and talking to people. I can't imagine how it might be when I get as far as you are in the process. I imagine it's a little nerve wracking, but mostly exciting.
This thread's been pretty quiet the last few days, so hopefully I can bring it back to life. I downloaded some books on adoption for the Kindle and the first one I'm reading, I like so far. I'm 84% through it and just started yesterday, "99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Adoption" by Robert and Jeffrey Kasky (they are a father and son lawyer team who work a lot of adoption cases in FL).
Guppyluv- Yay! We saw our bean's hb at that gestation so there's a good chance.
I have good habits and exercise regularly. I obviously couldn't exercise later in my cycle, but the second they gave me the go-ahead this time around, I started my yoga. I didn't gain anything during this pregnancy since I wasn't pregnant long. I think I gained 4 lbs each time I did IVF, but I had gotten down to pre-IVF weight before this 2nd one so there was no difference in size for each. I like how I look at 150 lbs, so at some point I aim to get there. It isn't far...
Thanks for the encouragement Suzie. I hate the stupid BMI charts. They are not even close to an accurate assessment of a person's health. According to those, at about 30-35 lbs. "overweight" I am obese. I have tons of muscle  and am very active. Neither of those are taken into account when people assess our "health". I am a size 10/12 right now after 2 IVFS and being pregnant twice in less than a year and am normally an 8/10. That is not reflected in my weight.
Thanks Jenger and Wissa. DH made me smile yesterday. I bought some shelves to help with the organizing process and as he was putting them together he read the part about small parts that could be hazardous to small children. I said, we don't have small children and he said, but we will. I love that he finally made it clear to me that we are truly on the same page. I was having a hard time reading him.
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