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I do hope that's the case. I just am so strongly opinionated about it, I'm almost afraid I'll turn her away from BFing almost as a way to spite me. I suppose I could have handled the whole exchange better. You know how it is, hindsight is 20/20.
I recently had a rather disturbing exchange with my SIL (wife to hubs' brother). She makes joking comments about keeping my 5 mo old baby (they don't have any kids) and I joke back about her not being able to feed him or add in that there is a stash in the freezer if she goes to get it. Recently though, the joking (which is kinda a running joke) seemed to take a turn.   Let me preface this with saying I'm kinda anti-formula unless it's absolutely needed (and I'd...
I have the Ergo Sport. I'm not sure how it compares to the regular Ergo, but it seems to hold in my 3 ft, cloth diapered 2-year-old. I haven't gotten the feeling that he'd fall out when he leans back. It could just be me though. My husband has also worn him and hasn't had a problem.   I've heard great things about the Boba, but have not tried one myself.
I was probably about 30 weeks along when I had to stop wearing my toddler. At 30 lbs., it became too much on my lower back to carry him for shopping trips. I most commonly wore him on my back or on my hip in a wrap. Another mom I know was able to comfortably wear her toddler (who is about 5-10 lbs lighter than my DS) for a day at the market in an Ergo at 32 or so weeks. She said she had no problems that day, but that she had some contractions when she returned.   I...
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