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hi, We are planning a hb and it is our second. I think we will have limited space but I want my mother and grandmother there like last time and I know my partner is more prepared this time and if we do not have all that comes with a hospital birth he will be more attentive.Last tme he was busied trying to get the nurses to respect my wishes, getting ect. while the doula stuck with me. I'm thinking I don't really want a doula, does anyone else feel the same way? My mw and...
I'd like more info on how to stay in the loop with this group!
  Hi! my partner and I along with our cat and the baby in my belly are looking for a home. We are currently in my parents home where we moved after the death of our son last October. Unfortunately it is not the most supportive or welcome living arrangement and we would really like to move somewhere new with where we can have more autonomy and harmony. I am currently working as a nanny and he as a bike taxi driver who is looking and hoping for better paying work. I am due...
Everything is okay, I hadn't had internet acess again until today to update.
My appt. is at 3 and I plan on having a listen with the doppler.
I started having bad dreams about losing the baby. I'm also nervous I haven't felt her yet at 20 weeks and it being my 2nd. I'm scared of my midwife appt. today.
Seraf- He was born naturally on his due date.I'm 19 weeks currently. We found out last week that its a girl. Which is a relief to us because I was given a name in a dream but niether of us really like a for a boy even though its pretty gender nuetral. We also love Fox's name and don't think we can come up with another name we like for a boy as much. We keep the babies names secret until they are born though, we like the baby to be the first to hear about it. I am...
Hi everyone, I'm a queer mama from Minneapolis, Mn expecting my second Nov 12 2011. My first died of SIDS at 7 days old. I'm very happy to be pregnant again and happy I found he queer parenting section. So far I've mostly stuck to my due date club.
It is a girl!
Found out this morning that its a girl! So excited, my dream was prophetic afterall!
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