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Canadianhippie--we're using the same method with our DS (he's 2 and a few months.) He has super fine hair and I was pretty certain that it wouldn't dread, but I just gave up brushing (not worth the screaming!) and low and behold.....he's got dreads! It's a pretty wild mess in the back right now---he hates having his hair played with so it looks like the dreads will just have to keep forming on their own. He gets mistaken for a girl quite a bit as well.
Hi mamas, I just stumbled upon this thread and the OP's description of her son sounds a lot like my own---I'm wondering if there can be allergies/intolerance without any poop issues (I don't know how to phrase that more pleasantly--sorry!) My son has a lot of the same behaviors the OP mentioned---he spends a lot of the day whining and crying and throwing tantrums. I've always just attributed it to his spirited personality, but now I'm wondering if I'm missing...
Two incidents come to mind (DS is recently potty trained, which apparently opens the door for all kinds of embarrassing moments.)    At a bridal shower for a good friend last weekend DS shouted to a crowded room of ladies, "Mommy do big poopie." I was wearing a bright pink dress and I think my face turned the same color.   At the crowded park yesterday, DS had to pee and with no warning, whipped it out and began to pee all over the slide. Apparently he didn't...
27 months--weaning now and feel so torn up about it. In fact, this thread actually brings me to tears! (Apparently weaning messes with your hormones ;) In a country that is so weirded-out by extended BFing, it's incredibly inspiring and uplifting to read all these responses. 
I can definitely feel a link between my mood and how much my son is nursing (although there are other factors involved too.) The night nursings are what make me feel the craziest---2 years without more than 2 hours of sleep at a time is bound to make anyone feel a bit loony!
Great questions--we're in the same situation around here. I'm actually at the point where I'm considering cutting out my son's nap altogether because the bedtime routine takes so long. I've found that waking him up mid-nap is like waking a sleeping Godzilla----he's an absolute terror the whole afternoon/evening. But I think each child reacts differently to being woken up. It might be worth trying one day to see how it goes.
Similar experience here. I got my period 18 months after my son was born, but since then, my cycle has been all over the place. It's anywhere between 28 and 36 days and varies between light to heavy. I'm not even positive I'm ovulating at this point--or at least not every month. My son (26 months) still nurses between 6-10 times a day. We're TTC #2 and these wacky cycles make it very difficult!
No advice, just commiseration. My son is 2 and exactly the same---I find myself typing e-mails standing up because I know the second I sit down, he'll be on my lap and pulling my shirt down. :/  
I lost most of my baby weight between 6 and 9 months and then didn't really notice much of a drop after that. It could be because my son started eating solids around then---although he continues to nurse quite frequently even now (he's 2.) A friend of mine continued to lose weight the longer she nursed her daughter and ultimately had to stop at 14 months because she was getting dangerously thin, so I think it is possible to keep losing the longer you nurse. Hopefully...
Great thread! I actually considered starting a similar one because nightly dinners have been a battle for us from the very beginning (DS is 26 months.) I actually don't care if DS eats much of his food (he's more of a grazer and eats a lot earlier in the day) or if he wanted to get up and play after a bit, but the issue is that he won't sit still and he won't leave the table---he wants to be with us while we eat. Throughout the entire meal, DS gets out of his seat to...
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