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Just another mama of an intact boy to say that we've had zero problems with him (at 21 months).  No UTIs, and we don't do anything special.  We birthed at an awesome hospital in our area that doesn't have routine circumcision.  You have to specially request it, and they bring someone special in to do it, so there was very, very little risk it would be done without our consent.  That, in my opinion, was just one of the things that made this hospital awesome.  We also, I...
This issue brings me enormous internal conflict.  I am very against circumcision.  And I'm also not the person to tell other people how to live their lives, but this just seems different to me.  While I am NOT saying they're the same, when we hear of female circumcision we don't just say that it's a choice for the parents or it's a religious rite.  I think if you believe that something is wrong, and is being done to someone who has no choice (i.e., not a consenting adult...
M.Q., I know this isn't really the time or place, and i apologize if I'm out of line, but I am so enraged for you. Monsters who abuse the people in their care are the lowest of the low. I can't imagine anyone abusing my sweet little boy, and even trying to think of it makes me sick with fury. I want to say I'm so sorry that this happened to you, but that's just so trivial. As many hugs as I can send you.
In case it wasn't clear from my post, I'm not actually a doula. I just love them!
I highly, highly, highly recommend hiring a doula if you can afford it.  If you can't afford it, you can still look for a doula in training in your area who may provided free or very low-cost services because they need to attend a certain number of births before being certified.   Here are my reasons, though the below list is not at all exhaustive. Our doula really helped DH learn what was coming, how he could help, and how he could really be a part of the...
I've totally gotten like that lately.  The most annoying part is DH has gotten a very short fuse, too.  We went through a rough period years ago in our relationship, I insisted he go to counseling to deal with his temper.  He did, and things are generally much better.  When I was pregnant with DS and now, though, his temper gets super short, as does mine.  It makes for some interesting fights!  We joke that it's his one couvade symptom.  Lucky us.  It helps knowing it's...
I'm definitely feeling too big for my normal pants, but my maternity pants keep sliding down without a sizable bump to hold them up.  I generally have no waist (or no hips, depending on how you look at it), so the only thing to hold up my maternity clothes is the bump.  Luckily I have a few pairs of post-partum work pants from my last pregnancy that are a little big.  I can't really be constantly hiking up my pants at the office.
My in-laws are divorced, and my son has his father's name (which is also my FIL's, DH's grandfather, all the way back covering 7 generations).  MIL has serious issues with FIL and when we told her what we were naming DS, she was so upset.  She actually said she hated the name.  I was like, "b!$ch that's your son's name!!!"  So yeah, people can have some pretty awful reactions.
We are not going to tell people this time around. We made that mistake last time. If asked directly, I think we'll say something like, we have some ideas, but we won't be sure until we meet her/him so we're not sharing until then.
I've found finally a name that we both like: Eleanor. Neither of us is head over heels in love we it, but we both really like it, so at least we have something. And now I can stop stressing so much.
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