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Normal stuff for me:  eggs, granola, yoghurt.  Tonight I had a taco salad.....tummy wasn't liking that.  Will try toast.  Really missing my lattés and coffee :(
I got my BFP last night, due January 3 (same birthday as my FIL, uncle IL and mum!).  We've been trying since February this year and I just celebrated my birthday, so this is a nice present for me :)
This is my first pregnancy and after doing a lot of research (with help of MDC!) I am planning a homebirth.  If that's not possible, then a non-medicated birth (unless absolutely necessary---like life and death necessary) at the hospital. 
Been feeling queasy, gassy and bloated all week (although I didn't take a HPC until last night--so now I know why!).  Sensitive to smells, sensitive BBs and a bit overemotional.  This is my first, so I'm pretty excited and acutely aware of the changes I'm feeling. 
I call myself a domestic engineer and human development manager.  I cook, clean, do repairs, organize and decorate as well as raise the kids.  I don't think there's every been a time that I've had a messy house, since I "clean as I go" (and taught the kids to do the same) so I just do a bit of straightening up before I go to bed.
I'm like wemoon.  I grew up in a neighbourhood where the kids were always at someone else's house.  We played until their (or my) parents kicked us out.  It wasn't structured, and everyone got kool aid and a snack (usually not lunch, for that we'd go home).  So I'm the same way as a parent (and so are my neighbours it seems).  As long as I know where their friends live, they're allowed to play there without me introducing myself to the parents.
I can't say I'd be comfortable with putting my kids on the train alone (they're 8 and 11), but you know your child and the safety situation of the trains.
When my DSS was 3, I had him on the back of my bike and he was wearing a t-shirt on a warm spring day (I was wearing sleeveless) and this woman stopped me and yelled at me because he wans't wearing a coat.  She said "he could freeze to death!".  I was so shocked, I was paranoid for the longest time about how my kids dressed.  Now, if they say they're hot, they don't have to wear their coat.  Unless it's summer or really hot, they generally have to take their coat with...
My only rule is food has to be chewed at a normal pace, posture has to be correct and proper table manners have to be used.  No hunching over the plate to make less distance between plate and mouth, like a convict (imo ).  If they're done eating then they may leave, but nobody may watch tv until the last person has left the table.  Even at formal dinners (even if we're in a restaurant) they don't have to wait until the end of the meal to leave the table.  As long as...
Give him a bit of space and let him know you love him.  My brother also left my mom to move in with our dad and doesn't speak to her.  I don't believe he does it out of spite (he loves her) but he wanted to get to know our dad and find/develop himself.  Your son will come around, I'm sure. 
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