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Oh sweet jesus!  All the fun I missed not being here for a month.  These pics make my heart swoon!!  My favorite though is the expressions on all the mamas faces...  so priceless.   Here's my bub just after birth, 7 lbs 10 oz, 20.75 inches                                           and these are from the next day. :)    
Thanks everyone!  We are having a blast but I am sooo sleep deprived and distracted!  I haven't been on the forums at all for a month! :(  Can't wait to check out all the July babies and birth stories that I missed. :) 
Hi there,   I'm almost 6 weeks postpartum and exclusively breastfeeding at this point.  Thinking about joining you ladies here. :)  I read TCOYF and took an NFP class about two years ago when we started TTC.  I charted for about a year.  Anyways, I was just wondering if it's even worth trying to chart right now?   Will my charts give me any useful information?  I looked through my old NFP books and there's very little info about charting to avoid during...
  Getting tucked in by daddy on his first night earthside...   Eli arrived on July 2, 2011 at 8:09 am, at home and in the birth pool, after less than 10 hours of labor (including 14 minutes of pushing). It happened so much faster than I thought it would, and I am incredibly amazed and thankful to have had such a perfect, peaceful birth for my very first babe.   7 lbs, 10 oz 20 inches   Birth story to come!  My tailbone aches too much to sit at the...
*something* was indeed happening!  Baby Eli Alan was born at 8:09 am, July 2nd!  So glad I didn't do bedrest... I spent Friday cleaning the house and finishing organizing baby stuff instead! :-)  Water broke at 10:30 PM.
For me, I've got vanilla yogurt, unsweetened applesauce (which I love), fresh fruit, granola bars, and fruit juices.  Not a lot of protein in there, I admit, but I want stuff that is easy to... well... throw up... if need be.   For the midwives, I have stuff for lunchmeat sandwiches, cereal, blueberry muffins, bagels, fruit, granola bars, frozen ravioli, and marinara sauce.  I also have bottled water for them.  The instructions I got from the office said I needed to...
Oh my gosh!!!! So fast!  She's absolutely DARLING!  Good job, mama!      
Squeal!!!  So excited and jealous!  Love that you're on here giving us a play by play.  I'll be anxiously awaiting those newborn pics. :)
My guess date is today!  I'm so thankful to have a care provider who will "let" me stay pregnant as long as baby wants to, so long as we're both doing fine.  I want my baby to know he's welcome to stay in my belly as long as he needs to, and pick his own birthday.   That being said...   OMG BABY! PLEASE COME OUT SOON!  This weekend would be just perfect...     hahahahha
I'd suggest going to a chiropractor and getting your hips adjusted.  My midwife has had great success having her mommas do this just before and while in labor. :)  My LO was very posterior for several weeks and after a couple of chiro adjustments, along with doing knee-chest and pelvic tilts at home, he's now been LOA for about a week!  woohoo!   My birth class instructor also recommends slowly walking the stairs, two at a time during contractions, and...
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