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I did this last week, and it has made me feel BETTER than anything else I have done to prepare for the birth (other than the guilt over the huge bag of food I had to toss.)! ha!  You can do it!!!   
  Approx. 37 weeks.  Mere days before a whole flock of lovely stretch marks descended upon my belly.  
I'm having exactly the same group of symptoms.  Dude, is PMS a pre-labor symptom?!  I've been TOTALLY grumpy, snappy, and irritable for the past week and it's been so long since I had a period I forgot what PMS was like-- well now that you mention it, THIS IS JUST LIKE PMS! haha.  I hope it means something good! 
Prob my fave too!  DH says no because of the Beatles song.   Oh, and he also likes "Alan".  I'm thinking about it... might grow on me.  I think my favorite on your list is "Atlas", because I was a huge Ayn Rand fan at one point.  :)     Figured as much!  Thanks. :)    
I would kill for some "nesting urge"!  Everyone keeps telling me I'm nesting, and I"m like, "No it's not nesting, it's called 'Oh Shoot, the baby is coming! I'd better get my crap together!' instinct. LOL... it would all be much easier with some of that magic energy I keep hearing about.   
LOL!  I am so in the same boat-- due on Friday and still no name.  Midwife says we "have" to pick one before she leaves a few hours after the birth.  Bah humbug.  I think that is only true if we want her to submit the paperwork.  My mom didn't name one of my brothers for two weeks, so I know it's possible to do it later if you have to.   I have basically decided that I hate all boy names.  They are all boring or snobby sounding or too trendy/"out there" for us.  I...
Levi and Eli and both on our list! Too funny!  I'm annoyed though, seems our favorites have skyrocketed in popularity in the past year or so, and I really didn't want a trendy name. :P
  So sweet, mamasmith!!!!
This happened to me the other day!  Not crashing (lol) but getting bad, continuous cramps/painful BHs while driving!  It was so bad I thought maybe early labor, but it went away as soon as I got out of the car.  I wonder why???
New Posts  All Forums: