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Hi everyone!  I'm a super newbie poster, but I've stalked these forums for months. :)  I'm due to have my first baby at home somewhere around July 1st.  My question for you experienced mommas is, what are some practical things I can do to ensure I properly rest and heal during the postpartum period if I will not have adequate support?   My husband recently started a new job and has NO paid leave, not even sick leave, available for the first 12 months.  We live on one...
Hi Everyone!   I've stalked the mothering.com forums for ages, and finally decided to start posting myself. :)   I'm a newbie parent-to-be, due July 1st (roughly) with my first child, a boy.  I had really irregular cycles when I got pregnant, so we don't know exactly when my due date is.  So I'm thinking in terms of a "due month": late June to early July.  We are very excited, as we tried to conceive for several years and I was just about to begin fertility...
Did steps 1 & 2!  Thanks for the chance to win!  We're expecting our first in July and I really want an organic mattress.  I had never heard of Essentia before.
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