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I agree with Storm Bride. I often tell my kids that sometimes life is hard or unfair, because it's the truth. But we don't use it as an excuse to treat others unkindly.
I think it's fine. A lot of two year olds are still nursing, so sucking on a pacifier seems in line with that, developmentally. I wouldn't sweat it, especially if it's just naps and bedtime.
Do you have a nice, snug swaddle blanket? My kiddos (as babies!) always sleep better and longer when they've been wrapped up nice and cozy. We like the SwaddleMe blankets because they're very easy to use. Also, a white noise machine works wonders for our little guy.
We use the St. Joseph's Baltimore Cathechism, Faith and Life series, and we read lots of books about the lives of the saints. We also do a co-op catechism class weekly.
There's a company that I've ordered cute princess costumes from before. Some of their stuff is basically copies of Disney princesses, but they have others that are mire unique. And I like that they carry bigger kid sizes, not just up to 3-4T. It's called LittleDressUpShop.com. (They have other costumes, too, but I just have two of the princess dresses. Nice quality.)
iPhone.   Or a book with a book light, if that's not too distracting.
I just put my 5-month old on the potty for the first time the other day, so I don't think there is such a thing as "too early." I did the same with my two older ds's, and they were both in underwear full time around 16-18 months. I really think if you introduce the potty in a non-pressure sort of way very early on, potty learning is pretty easy. And I like it better than washing diapers!
I would do a dark grey that matches the tone of the green walls.
First, let me tell you how sorry I am about your previous loss. I'm sure that complicates your feelings this time around. :hug   I "found out" with my first two, then let it be a surprise with my third. While not knowing was exciting, I can honestly say that I DID feel less bonded to baby #3 because I didn't know his gender. It was just harder to visualize him ahead of time without knowing a name or knowing which room he's eventually share, or imagining his physical...
Same here.
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