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You did fine. I have no problem using a firm tone of voice with other people's kids if the safety of another child is at stake.   We had a similar experience at a park where an older child was shoving my daughter on the top of a play structure. When I first saw her, I was a little incredulous. When she did it again (and my dd just stood there and took it), I went right up to her and in my best "mama bear" voice said, "You do not touch my daughter." I think it's...
I also have four kids--6, 4, 2, and 5 months. We pulled our oldest out of first grade this fall to homeschool, because (to make a long story short) she was unhappy there. Before we finally did it, I vacillated a lot between feeling very excited and gung-ho about it, and having reservations about being able to "do it all." Honestly, like a pp said, there are days when I'm burnt out and overwhelmed. But even though we're only spending an hour or two doing school per day, I...
Me too. 
Wow, he sounds just like my dd! It does drive me a little batty, too. I tell her that we have x number of minutes to get jammies, brush teeth, and do a story, so if she's uncooperative, she's essentially wasting her own story time. I hate to skip out on reading to her, but this has been a good motivation for her.   If my child is lying in bed, naked, and refusing to get dressed, etc., I would say, "Wow, I can see that you're really tired. Maybe we need to make...
I think stainless steel might be so bold as to detract from your lovely counters. Plus, it's a PITA to keep fingerprint/streak free. I like the pp's idea of creamy colored subway tiles. They're classic and also have that "professional kitchen" feel.
Here's another thought: overcooked hardboiled eggs tend to have that really crumbly texture to the yolk. But if you cook them just right, the yolk says creamier. Maybe your kids would like them a little less "done?"   Here's my egg-boiling technique: Put the eggs in the pot of water, bring just barely to the boil. Then turn off heat, but leave eggs in the hot water with a lid on the pan. Let them sit for about 10 minutes. The yolk should come out golden, shiny, and...
Thanks for sharing the pics--we had rain storms so we didn't get to see a thing. 
We had family pics done last summer and I totally obsessed over the attire. I think what I came up with worked out really well, if I do say so myself! I went for coordinating, rather than matching, using an earth-toned palette of mostly blue and brown. Here's what we wore:   Family Kids  
Maybe you could think of it as a good opportunity to teach him to be gracious. And if he doesn't want the gift, perhaps donate it to a children's charity?
I just use powdered sugar and milk or water. You can play with the consistency to get it just where you want it, and it dries hard. I don't think this tastes "chalky" at all--but you can add a little vanilla citrus extract if you'd like to vary the flavor. This is what I've always used for decorating our sugar cookies. 
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