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I wouldn't think anything of it. It's only 45 minutes, and I'm assuming they ask parents not to attend because there's limited space in the classroom. My six year old and almost 5 year old would be fine with it, I would think. If your child was on the fence about you not attending, maybe you could speak to the instructor ahead of time and let them know that you'll be right outside or close by if your child is anxious and needs you?
My FIL is, without exaggeration, a math genius. I asked him to recommend some math books for me, because I felt that my math education was a little lacking, and I'd like to be stronger in order to teach my kids, and because I'm all of a sudden much more interested in my old age. :lol He got me a book called Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus by Keith Kressin. If what you want is more of a "list" of concepts she needs to know, then this book might be for...
Just stumbled on this thread today, because my ds has been asking for an American Boy doll for Christmas. How lame that there isn't one. The boy dolls that there are seem to be boy dolls made for a girl audience. And yes, to the pp, I DO remember "My Buddy!"
Your post moved me to tears. I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. 
0-1 for sure. It didn't help that dd was in intense baby who didn't sleep well. But she rocked my world. In good ways, too, of course! But seriously, she broke me in so well that every other transition feels like a piece of cake compared to that.
I second Cranium Hullabaloo. It's got a battery operated gizmo, which I normally hate, but this game is just so fun for little kids. Even my two year old likes to play along (he doesn't really "get" it, but he hops along with the other kids).
I'm so sorry, mama. Love to you, your baby Michael, and your family.
Thanks for the suggestions! 
Hi mamas, I'm a mom of a first grader who we've just begun homeschooling. She's reading really well right now, and I credit her school for teaching a solid phonics program for this. They were using Spalding phonics. Here's where my question comes in. I wasn't taught to read using phonics, and since my daughter is a fast learner, we never really had to practice these at home last year. But I do see how well the program has worked for her, so I'd like to continue as long...
Yipes! This thread is heating up! Frumpy? Yes. But do you feel good in it? No matter what anyone says, I find that I'm just not happy unless I'm wearing something that I like.
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