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I am so very sorry. I can't imagine. Peace to you and your family, and Baby J.
Thank you all for the thoughtful replies. It's so helpful to hear all the different approaches that work for other families! So, we ended up asking the big brother to defer to the birthday boy for the first couple days. We also encouraged them to play with the toy together, for example, they're both farming and big bro has the hoe in the sandbox while little brother rides the tractor. After just a couple days, the newness did wear off and my two year old decided to ease...
Whoever said that pot smoking parents don't offer it to their kids is so wrong. My dh's parents used to smoke pot, WITH him, when ge was middle school and high school aged. They are highly educated, middle class, etc. You'd never guess it. When I was in high school, we all knew there were certain parents who "partied" with their kids. I would limit my kid's time with families I had reservations about.
If it were me, I'd swing by the school and take my child out for lunch and ice cream.
Maybe you could try a wipe warmer. I thought they were the silliest things until ds2 came along and cried whenever we changed him with a cool wipe. The warmer was a pretty cool gadget after all!
I'm a lefty, and I voted for the first option--it's really no big deal. Ever once in a while there's the pain of right-handed scissors, and I have to work a little harder to avoid smudging ink when I write, but that's about it. It's actually advantageous in some ways--for instance, continental knitting was natural for me.
Mamasjoy--I wouldn't be comfortable with kids that age playing in the front yard (assuming there is no fence) alone, either. Aside from traffic concerns, tree are too many weirdos preying on kids. I regulary let my kids play in the fenced back yard without my direct supervision, but never the front yard. Let kids be kids, sure, but it's the parents' job to protect from reasonable danger.
One of my sons just turned two, and for his birthday he got an awesome present--a pedal-powered, ride-on, front loading John Deere play tractor. (Those of you with truck obsessed kids know what I mean when I say that this may be the coolest toy ever to grace our house.) The problem is that our four-year-old son also thinks the new toy is the bees knees. And of course, the two year old doesn't want to share it--even when he's not using it. I didn't foresee this being...
Another vote for Everett.
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