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That's obviously bs.
I'm in CA and want to start homeschooling my first grader. I'm trying to decide whether I want to register with an ISP or file an affidavit as my own private school. As far as I understand, a major advantage of an ISP is that they do all the record keeping. Beyond attendance, what kinds of records need keeping, and is it so much work that I should be discouraged from doing it myself? Any other insight on ISP versus affadavit would be appreciated. Thanks!
Honestly, and I mean to say this gently, he sounds sad and lonely. It's actually heart wrenching to read your posts. Can your PhD wait? He's still very young.
My dd was a super high-needs baby, but grew into the mellowest toddler. No tantrums at all. She's still pretty easy going. She was/is very verbal, but I think her personality is just such that she can easily go with the flow. Ds1 had no tantrums at 2, but at 3 years, he made up for it! He's very intense and emotional. So far it seems that ds2, who was a relaxed baby, may be our stereotypical two year old. He's very happy-go-lucky most of the time, but he'll...
Another mom of a Veronica chiming in! And I love the name Caroline.
Holy moly, that looks painful! I hope it heals swiftly and completely.
How scary for you, and how tragic for that poor girl and her loved ones. I can't imagine!
I don't think you need to say anything. Just toss the rags, donate what you don't like, and keep the treasures. I have a friend who gives us hand-me-downs and this is exactly what I do. She probably just doesn't see how raggedy some of it is because she may have some emotional attachment, or else she just doesn't want to "waste" things.
I have both and I like them a lot, although I'd say I slightly prefer Imse Vimse. I'm using them over fitted diapers (KL0). My newborns are big at birth, 9+ lbs, and the Thirsties are a bit snug. I also like the softness of the Imse Vimse covers a little more than the Thirsties. But the Thirsties have a lower rise and doesn't cpver the little cord stump/belly button are like the Imse Vimse covers do. If you're getting 8 covers you may as well get a variety, IMO.
Zero to one, by a long shot!
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