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I'm sorry, mama. I just don't understand what is wrong with some people.
Do you have access to a sandbox? They'd also likely both enjoy water play, like with a little water table or kiddie pool or small bin with water. Do they like to play baby dolls? Or dress up?
I totally feel you on the huddling in a corner and crying. I was so happy to get home from the hospital to see my "big" kids, but then I felt like the babymoon was really over. Today I had a babysitter over and I napped with my new guy, and that was really nice. Are there any activities your older kids do on a regular basis? I found that having some kind of schedule really helps. Like a weekly library reading time, swimming or dance lessons, a weekly playgroup, etc....
Oh wow, he is SO beautiful! Congratulations!
Our precious boy Leo made his arrival on the 31st at 2:31 am. He is 9 lbs 1 oz, and we had a very gentle, wonderful hospital birth. More details when I'm not so tired. Thank you ladies for all the support and comeraderie along the way!
Oh, wow! Congratulations, and welcome, Eliana!
Mataji4, I hope it's happening for you now! I'm still in loooong early labor, hoping to meet baby in the wee hours of tomorrow, but we shall see.
Awww, what a beautiful birth story! I'm so glad your baby is here.
Wow, what a fast and furious birth! Congratulations! Welcome to the world, little Norah!
I think my water nay have broken last night while I was asleep. I'm having a very slow leak of pink-tinged fluid. But still no contractions. I have an OB appt and an NST appt today--I hope I won't need to go!
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