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Congratulations and welcome, Enzo! I'm happy to hear that the Hypnobabies was helpful, since I'm planning to use it, too.
Sorry to hear things didn't go as smoothly as one would hope. I hope everything heals up very quickly and perfectly, and I'm so happy for your family that your little one is here!
Congrats on your chunky newborn!
I've only lost mine in labor. It's sort of like thick, blood-tinged snot.
My ds1 didn't really crawl, and we later found out that he has a vision tracking problem. His opthamoligist thinks the vision problem and the crawling are related. Just something to consider.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla you mean you aren't suppose to carry your screaming tantrumy toddler like a sack of potatoes? wow I'm shocked that you got that comment, there have been many many meltdowns where we have had to just that. Totally. I have benefited so much lately by the affirmation (from my Hypnobabies CDs) that other people's negative feelings belong to them. So, so true. I'm sorry this happened--it makes me think this...
Congratulations! Wow, fast labor . . . I'm glad your baby is here.
Oh, man. I LOVE this thread! Keep the cuteness coming, mamas!
DDCC from July . . . Congratulations! And I, too, love her name. I have a Veronica, so I'm a little partial. Enjoy your precious baby girl!
Well, I'm still waiting! Two nights ago I was having lots of hard but irregular contractions, and I was really feeling them in my back. I was sure things were starting up. Then yesterday . . . crickets. So I'm a little bummed. But perhaps it's for the best, because everyone at my house has a cold right now. Nice timing! My OB already made me start doing the fetal non-stress test and amniotic fluid levels checks yesterday. I have no idea why, since I just hit 40 weeks...
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