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I have a sick fascination for this show. Some of those homes are sooo gross! Quote: Originally Posted by GruppieGirl You are What You Eat is my other favorite show on BBC America. Basically a holistic nutritionist makes over the diets of unhealthy people. To her it is all about eating whole foods...as much as you want. : Love it! I'll have to check this one out!
I have the Swaddlebees organic cotton velour pads. Very soft and comfy!
Quote: Originally Posted by tinuviel_k Not odd at all. Someone gave my dd a doll with brown skin, and it was her favorite for a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by CashewMommy I would totally do it. The stress of being uninsured would far exceed the excitement of that one day. :
No. Dd is the slowest eater in existence, so everyone generally finishes lightyears before she does. And ds spends about 5 minutes at the table, max, and then he needs to get up and run.
Wow--he's beautiful!! Congratulations, mama!::
He's so cute! And his name totally fits--I love it! Congrats, mama.:
Oh mama, she's beautiful. She looks so peaceful in her family's arms . . . what a precious girl. I'm so sorry.
Soccer ball Silly putty Slinky Card game (Uno, Old Maid, Go Fish) Matchbox cars
I love the name Charlotte! : Welcome, little one . . . and I'm glad you're okay, mama!
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