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Hi Hannah,   This is a really old thread, I think the midwives at Jordan are doing vbacs again, just call them and ask.   Another great option is homebirth, www.massmidwives.org   And my favorite hospital option, because it is like Tobey and Louise, would be Dr. Sue McGee at Pawtucket Memorial...much better stats (vbac and c/s) then W and I.   Good luck to you! 
Awe, really Cara?  Well you still have time, it can be up to 21 days... The son of my friend who you met has it.      Hope you all are well otherwise!   
And so does another little boy you know Cara, on Cape. 
It was great meeting you all too!  Looking forward to any news and also hoping to see you and your lovlies on Cape.  Hope you had a nice dinner and easy ride back!  
Perhaps I was too subtle in my above post...we have chicken pox here in New Bedford, MA, which is in between Cape Cod and Providence on the South Coast of MA (not the south shore).   PM me for details if you'd like.
Feel free to pm me mama's.
So glad you posted with this information fbclement!  12% is really good!  You all should publish your stats, it would be an excellent marketing tool and womyn need to know more details about their options...   And better from the source then a bystander like me, lol!   I am guessing I met someone from your practice yesterday, she was really nice!  I am kicking myself for not having this conversation with her...    For my part, I have understood from talking with...
http://www.nantucketmidwife.com/  Sybille is an excellent option and you would never have to leave island.   I like some of the practitioners at Jordan a lot, but I am also wary as they have a high c/s rate and you do not know who you are going to get in labor.   You could just labor at home and show up at 9cm's and they can not section you.  Although this is not at all ideal as you are not being monitored, for some they are fine with this, for others...
~~~~~~ Hello all, we just got off the phone with Brown Public Safety and they have let us know that they are pretty sure the parking ban is on until at least Monday and that the sidewalks are not clear. This means we are sadly cancelling the event. We will let you know the details as soon as we have new date...the BIRTH does not always happen when we think it will, but I promise you our BABY will be born!
Hi Minerva,   Yes the healthcare system is really different in America.    You do have the option to birth at home with midwives. http://rihomebirth.com/   Also, I would recommend looking into Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket.  Dr. Magee or Dr. Morton are very highly regarded and give much more personalized care then the large practices can sometimes offer at W & I.    W & I has a pretty high cesarean rate so if you did get risked out of the ABC there is a...
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