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Most recently a working crockpot my neighbor had set out by the curb for spring pick-up. Through the years: 2 matching smallish antique tables (used as nightstands), a red kids' wagon (kids are grown now used to pull around the yard when weeding), a wooden cabin playhouse (put out by the same neighbor I got the crockpot from), lawn furniture, director's chair, chest of drawers. . . One of my best scores was driving by another neighbors as she was putting out...
I've been longing for a polenta with either roasted veggies or sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and garlic. Probably will make it with roasted veggies though as the flavor will be deeper & I can make it saucier. For this it would roast zuchinni squash, yellow squash, onion, garlic, mushrooms & peppers then add to either jarred italian sauce or make my own out of tomatoes, red wine, garlic etc. And this would be topped with either grated hard cheese or bits of goat cheese.
Use as you would ground beef- tacos, sloppy joes, add to chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. The possibilities are endless
Anyone out there who has successfully made the switch long term? I'm talking months, maybe years since they've used regular shampoo. Just curious.
I did no poo for the first time yesterday. I really like the way my hair turned out. I had my roots done at a salon about ten days ago & after my hair dried it seemed like the new color was gone. Anyone else have a similar experience? Any suggestions?
I DO know what you mean. I'm going to try to make myself clear and not engage with him repeatedly for my own health, happiness, and sanity. Hang in there & know you're not alone.
Your situation sound so similar to ours. DS1 is 17. Most of what you described about your son down to the basketball (ours will be captain of the varsity team next year) sounds so familiar (add that ours is now driving, has mediocre grades, and no job/no money). I also can relate to your scenario of establishing rules and ds having a hard time following them when it comes down to it. IE- last Sun dh & I went for a walk. When we got home the car was gone. DS came...
What to do?? My oldest son is not behaving in a respectful or responsible way (has always been a challenging one). At this point I feel I cannot trust him. Last night he asked to take the car somewhere & was given permission along with $20 for the gas tank. It turns out that he went somewhere else (actually three places he did not have permission to go to- not so much permission, but places I didn't know about). I suspected he was not where he said he was. I...
I don't use bleach, but would try soaking them in my washer in Biokleen's Bac out then washing them as usual (soak in warm water not hot as I think there's something in the product that will neutralize if the water is too hot). Also, dry completely and don't leave in the dryer once dry. I've accidently left a load in for several days and when I discovered them they were stinky. You could also try hanging them in the hot sun if this is an option. I can't stand...
I like Aveda products. They smell heavenly and are supposed to be good stuff.
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