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Oh no - definitely not that much every week. I lost a lot the 1st week & then a lot this week when I added regular exercise. Maybe it's unrelated to the exercise, but I doubt it. Seems like too much of a coincidence. Congrats on losing your vaca pounds. LOL! I'll be working on that next week, I fear.
That's fantastic! I'm just finishing up my first month with WW, so your story is particularly inspirational. I had a loss of 4.6 this past week. I really started exercising for the first time in years & that is probably due to that. I'm sort of worried about this upcoming weekend. We're going to visit my mother & one of my sisters in NJ. It's going to involved a cheese steak and a trip to the beach. Oh help me. LOL! I'm so saving all my extra weekly points.
I'm also amazed at the things that AREN'T in the database.
Ummm - what do you do to get that many APs? That's so awesome. I want 40 APs. I did 50 minutes of aerobics yesterday & it tracked as 2 measly points. Today, I did 30 & got 1. I want more. LOL! I just guess it was low-impact because I don't know how to measure that.
Oh spaghetti squash! It's been years. I'm adding that to my grocery list. : Congrats to everyone on the losses. :
I've heard that Jillian Michael's Wii game stinks, but haven't heard anything about the Gold's Gym one. Do you like it? That Outdoor Challenge one sounds like too much fun. I'll have to check for it at Buybacks or something.
I have Wii Fit, My Fitness Coach and now Active. I only have Active because my awesome hubby heard me say I want it but that I'd never pay $60 for it. LOL! He attempted to explain that new video games cost that much, but whatever. I don't buy new games. Anyway, they're all great. The My Fitness Coach, which I got used for under $20, kicks my butt. LOL! Active is fun and does get your heart rate up for extended times. This was my main complaint about Fit - unless...
Thank you everyone! I'm so glad I asked.
*coming out of lurkdom* Hi! Can I join now that May is nearly over? I'm Laura & I am a long time lurker, but just discovered this thread. I'm a new WW person - went for the 1st time on May 3rd. So far I'm down about 10 pounds & really loving it. Have a looooong road ahead of me, though. I read through this whole thread & it's very inspirational. There are a lot of mamas working it. If I may, I want to ask a question about extra points for nursing. DD is...
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