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Some folks really dig Canton bc of cheap housing and land but I would prob not want to live there-There is a big paper mill in the heart of town-and it really stinks! The town itself is a nice working class town but not too much in the way of good places to eat -or cute shops,etc I think Blk Mtn area is a better bet for a cool vibe. Asheville has a good Birth network-There are several homebirth midwives and hospital birth midwives--Lots of Doulas around town! Mission...
Hi! You might want to check out around Black Mountain-it's a small cute little town with some nice mountain views-less than 20 min from Asheville-- around Brevard is also nice--Welcome to Asheville!!! I hope you love it here as much as my family does! Where do you live in Oregon? My husband lived in Eugene for seven years.
You might want to try Family to Family-They are located on Charlotte Street-they have a very holistic approach-also I know several people who go to community family health and like it..good luck
Thankyou so much! I just talked today to someone using daycrest it looks promising:)
Hi, this might be a bit of a drive but  you might want to try Asheville area.
HI all! I have a dilemma...My husband and I are trying for our second. Our first child was born at Park Ridge Hospital we used New Dawn Midwifery. Overall it was a great experience. A beautiful water birth. A healthy baby girl. This time around we have a different insurance company(a very crappy one) There are no midwives in network..my deductible will be $5000 which I think is a complete rip off if I'm having a natural vaginal birth..So I'm considering a home birth and...
I lived in Wilmington for three years and still have many friends who live there. Wrightsville Beach is a nice place to visit but I think you might be disapointed if you are truly looking for a crunchy community. There is alot of snobery on Wrightsville Beach and you will be hard pressed to find many families that share your views. My husband and I moved to Asheville NC when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter..We moved because I could not find a midwife in the...
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