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Medicine?  I took Zofran with my last two pregnancies.  This time, I am taking 1/2 Unisom at night (and people usually take B6 with this, but I have that in my prenatal.) Baked potato was fine last night, as well as frozen mixed veggies.
Oh, that's great news!
Yes, I hope that, too.
Stalking you.  It's 2:00 there.  Any news?
Oh god that would be painful.
I ended up eating pepperoni pizza and it was not kind to me.  4 hours of stomach burning and nausea.  Back to steak and salad. I think hardboiled eggs would be fine if I weren't too lazy to make them.  :(
My CNMs do the first appt at 10-13 weeks and they try to find the HB via Doppler if it is late enough.  They will also offer the genetic testing and screening options.  That's about it.
It's not necessarily bad!  HCG isn't everything!  Will keep fingers crossed for you and hope you update us this afternoon.
Always hungry, but food gross? What can you eat? For me, it's salad with grilled steak and ranch dressing. I eat it 3 times a day. So tired of it, but it doesn't make me sick. Eggs are also fine. On the bad list: anything tomato sauce, straight bready stuff like breakfast bars, even a chocolate pastry from Panera and candy. Need ideas. So tired of steak salad.
Yesterday a lot of crampiness plus one spot in the top of my uterus that I could feel like a pinpoint.  Today I had two "wipes" that were very slightly tinged with brownish red and then one time after I peed, I saw a light trail of tiny brown powdery dots in the bottom of the bowl.  That's what it looks like before my period starts, but if it were my period, there would be a lot more.  I do feel sick, which is good.  I have another blood draw tomorrow morning at 5w4d.
New Posts  All Forums: