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I don't know if this counts but I had a weird visual hallucination while driving today. It looked like the road over the bridge was rising to meet my van and that my van was very small. It only lasted a second but was really weird.
This is my 6,666th post. Cool! Anyway, I am only 4w1d and I have been getting more nauseous for about 4 days. Yesterday it started when I woke up at 6 and ended by noon. Today it started at 3 am when ds3 woke me and still has not ended at 3 pm. I don't remember it being like this before. I felt nothing with #1 and #2. I needed zofran with #3 and #4, but I don't think it started before the BFP. I wish I had kept track. Anyway, maybe I'm just older or something. How...
I am so sorry for your loss. Best wishes to you for your next pregnancy.
 When I lost all the weight from ds3 plus 10 more lbs, my husband and FIL both told me I was "too skinny."  I didn't mind, though!  I knew it was temporary due to giving 1000 calories a day to ds3!  Sure enough, 15 lbs back on 2 years later!
Zombie thread returns... I was active on MDC from 2004-8 and it seemed much more anti-vaxx then. I did not vaxx my kids until about 2 years ago, and have since caught them up on most of the shots, one at a time. I changed my mind slowly, over time, while not using the Internet/social media to research this topic at all, except to read the CDC's catch up information. What has surprised me in the interim is how vitriolic the pro-vaxx side has become. The common attitude...
No one ever suggested it to me in any of my pregnancies, but I am going to ask for it this time. Thanks for the info. Poor baby baboons, though. That is terrible.
Your doctor is ignorant of the normal foreskin. Your son has no problems and I wouldn't go to the specialist. I remember the time I noticed that my newborn son's "peehole" was the size of a pin and freaked out... And then he peed a nice, thick stream! It's very stretchy skin with a muscle inside to keep it closed and your baby is normal. Please consider giving your doctor information from Doctors Opposing Circumcision so his misinformation does not hurt other boys.
You can stay in a minivan with 5 kids and it will get better gas mileage and be cheaper and easier to open the doors, park, etc. The current Honda Odyssey has an 8 passenger version with 6 LATCH positions. We have the current Toyota Sienna 8 passenger which only has 3 LATCH positions, but that was not a big deal for us as our kids have a larger age range and don't all need car seats.
We are atheists! Our oldest is, too, I think.
I am 36 and will be the whole time.
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