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Has anyone used Goat's Rue to help them produce breastmilk for an adoptive baby?  I recently read online that this herb can be used for adoptive mom's that are inducing lactation.  For anyone who's used it, is there any side effects of this herb?  I can't find a whole lot of information about it in terms of breastfeeding, because most of the sites I saw that have it on there are for bust enhancement.   Jessie (proud auntie to Brianna, age 4  
I love to knit on knitting looms and do counted cross stitch in my spare time.  Even my niece, Brianna, who's a toddler, likes to watch me knit and wants to learn how to do that someday.  She always tells me what colors she wants for socks, hats, scarves, and even washcloths.  I even cross stitched most of the bibs that Brianna wore when she was an infant (using those Charles Craft baby bibs that are sold in craft stores).   Does anyone else like these two crafts?  What...
Both my sister and I did babywearing with my niece, and she reached her milestones at a normal rate.  In fact, Brianna tended to walk earlier and even talked earlier than most babies/toddlers her age.    Jessie (proud Auntie to Brianna  
They are contraindicated just for pregnancy, according to my doctors.  There is only one med they told me that I should go off, because it will reduce a milk supply, and that Toviaz, for overactive bladder.  I stopped taking that med a couple months ago, because I started getting Botox injections in my bladder instead, which they said wouldn't contradict breastfeeding. Jessie (proud auntie to Brianna)
I am working with a foster parenting agency right now that does fostering-to-adoption programs.  She told me that she has had several single women adopt without any problems, and my health problems shouldn't rule me out, because all that is wrong physically on the outside is I am in a wheelchair, and that if I can take care of my niece from a wheelchair since she was a baby, then she sees no problem with me taking care of another baby the same age as Bri was (she was 7...
Thanks for all the help everyone.  I decided to just spray them with Bac-Out before tossing them in my bucket by the toilet.  This way, it will cut down on the odor, and be less of a hassle on wash day. My niece has even been helping me pick out new fabric to make some more cloth wipes out of.  She likes the cloth wipes way better than the disposable ones, because she says they don't sting her bottom. 
Thanks for the links.  I will definetly look at them and contact Dr. Newman.  I want so much to breastfeed an adoptive baby, so they get a good nutritional start.
Oh Cool!  I am so happy I won.  I use these items all the time on my niece and it will definetly come in handy.  Thanks!
I have been on both Reglan and Domperidone for a stomach disorder (this is what it was originally made for), and I can tell you that you are way better off getting Domperidone if you are wanting to increase your milk supply. Reglan used to be the main medicine people used in the US to increase their milk, but it has some bad side effects, including severe anxiety, depression, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, and tardive dyskensia.  When I was on this for gastroparesis, it made...
Hi!  Due to my birth defect, I am unable to have children, so I am looking into adoption.  I have read a whole lot about inducing lactation for an adoptive newborn/infant, and I am interested in trying this. I am working right now with an adoption agency in WA State, but we are just in the beginning stages of everything.  Still, I want to start inducing lactation, so I am ready for when I do have a baby through adoption.   I am already on Domperidone for a stomach...
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