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Hi mamas,   So, we've had our daughter in the same daycare for 2 years with a religious exemption on file, and it's never been a problem.  Our friends just tried to enroll their son, who is basically on the same schedule, and they are denying their exemption, and claim they can do so because they are private (which I believe to be the case)...   Well, now I'm thinking this will probably dredge up our file again, and that they will try to pull something to get her out....
Not sure how far north, but we are in Johnston!
Looking for fun and clean infant swim lessons in RI, preferably on the weekend?
Thanks everybody for sharing!    We had our birthing class yesterday, and I'm thinking that between my husband and my mom, I'll have plenty of support in the room, and at times, possibly too much! (my husband tends to get a bit silly when he's nervous haha)   I have an appt this morning w/ my OB and I'm going to talk to her about all this, and see where we end up!  I know there is a chance that even if I plan it out that way, it won't end up at all that way...the...
Thanks, I'll check out their website.    I've been with an OB, but have met all the midwives in the practice as well...I would guess I'd need to formally switch to one of them soon!
Thanks! :)
Yes, the last ones that came up were from 2008, so I didn't know if anything had changed through the last few years :)
Hi Ladies!   I'm due at the beginning of May with our first, and we had our hospital tour last night, and I'm interested in the Alternative Birthing Center at Women & Infants...but, I'm wondering if anyone has had an experience there??   My thoughts:   Like I said, its our first - yes, I'm nervous, but I'm pretty sure I can do this without the option of an epi.  I like the atmosphere SO much better than the L&D rooms, just much more relaxed and...
It's not exactly MA, but I attend the Motion Center in Providence and love Kaeli and the group there.  http://www.motioncenter.com/
Hi Ladies, wondering if anyone has any ideas for a hall rental for a shower north of Providence (towards 146)?   We are looking to bring our own food, etc...so, not a place that makes you use their catering?   Thanks!
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