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My kiddo would love a Strider!
"Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" and "How Weaning Happens" from LLL have been great resources for nursing beyond infancy.
I "like" Bella Luna Toys on FB!
I "like" MDC on FB!
We have pillows and blankets and our son prefers to sleep between us (one hand on his mama, one hand on his daddy).  Oh, and our family bed includes the dog, lol. 
My little guy is almost 15 months.  He eats 3+ meals of solid foods a day, but definitely still gets the majority of his nutrition from nursing.  He nurses 6-8 times during daytime, including 2 naps at the breast.  During the night he nurses 6-10 times, depending on how many times he nursed during the day.  Reading the posts of other mamas it is clear that every baby is different.  The number of feedings means little, as one baby might eat for a few minutes and another...
New Posts  All Forums: