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I just read "Finding the Right Fit: Part I" and find that I'm drawn to the unschooling approach as well as the "roamschooling" approach. I'd love to read more in-depth information on both methods and how they have worked for different families. 
Here's a picture of my baby girl. She just turned one on the 14th of this month and she's definitely a handful. She got glasses when she was 9 months old, which just gave her the confidence she needed to start moving. She's been walking since about 11 months and is always getting into everything (thanks to her newfound vision!). She also loves snuggling, nursing, looking at animals, reading books and chasing her four-year-old brother around. We're definitely doing great...
Babywearing love.  
You can wear your babe in the snow, too!  
Crashed out during a wedding party.  
Wearing my son on the lift in Vail.  
This is one of my favorite snuggly moments in my Moby wrap with my daughter. There's nothing better than a new baby in a Moby wrap, all cozy and close.  
No worries! Everything is good! I've just been neglecting real life too much lately and need a break from my computer. ;-) 
If anyone from FB checks this thread - I'm taking a leave of absence from FB at the moment. I haven't disappeared! (Groff)
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