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I'm a fan of Mothering on facebook.   I think I have too many favorite things about babywearing. What isn't to like? I love being hands free; I love having my baby close and enjoying skin-to-skin time; I love avoiding strollers; I love being able to do stuff around the house while spending close time with my baby; most of all, I love the sleepy snuggles I get when my baby just wakes up from a wrap-nap.
I don't know if this is still an issue for you, but I've been bleeding off and on forever as well. I had an IUD placed at my 6 week pp visit and I've been bleeding/spotting ever since. It's incredibly frustrating. I think I had a week of no bleeding before my IUD. Has anyone else had the same issue with an IUD? I know a bunch of you have Paraguard, but I have Mirena.
I haven't been as active on this site lately, but I've been pretty active over on FB. Facebook seems like an easier platform and I've found that questions or concerns get responses way faster. I also wish there was a way to have a list or post-it of our names to keep everyone straight.
How's the babywearing going for everyone? I just wanted to say that I got a Beco Gemini for Christmas and I definitely love it! I put Baby M in it this morning and she started squealing, she was so excited. For reference, I have the Ergo and the Moby wrap. The Ergo is definitely "sturdier" in that her legs have to go almost straight out. I like that the Beco has the "skinnier" version, where you can snap the fabric up, so there's more space for their legs to hang down. I...
CCoello - I commented in the December thread because I didn't see your post here. :-) Bottom line - Don't listen to your doctor on this one.
CCoello - There is absolutely nothing wrong with your bedsharing situation!!! We put an open sided crib alongside our queen size bed once my son was about 18 months or so. He would usually start in it, then end up in the pillow crease between our beds - or I would be half sleeping in the crib portion. He transitioned to his toddler bed at 2 1/2 or so, but now he starts in his bed and comes into our bed around 3am or so. He's 3 1/2. Anyway, I love having babes in bed with...
Thanks, Sol. I'll try to find one! Monkey - What are you doing about your lip tie? I think I saw something about exercises?
So I just had it checked out by my doctor and she wasn't sure so she had some other doc come in. The other doctor said that she'd probably get rid of it when she's older and bumps her face or something. Do you think I should get a second opinion? My doc gave me the names of two ENTs. I mean, if they aren't gonna do anything about it, should I even ask another doctor?
Monkeyscience - I'm starting to think that my daughter has an upper lip tie. My son was tongue tied and now my daughter has the upper lip (what are the odds, huh?). What exactly did it look like?    This is what Baby M's mouth looks like. Tell me what you think:    
My friend and I were one week apart and we gave birth to girls TWO MINUTES APART. We gave birth on opposite ends of the city, so it was probably the same freaking time. I was on time and she was about a week early. What are the odds of that?! They are also about the same size.
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