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Today is my due date! This may or may not be my last belly photo!    
Yay! Congrats eleuthia!!! I can't wait to see a pic and read your birth story!
Aaaaaaaaaaand my contractions have completely stopped. Of course. :)
Hey ladies! Not to jinx myself or anything over here, but I might also be in early labor. I've been have quite a few contractions in the past hour and they haven't stopped yet. I mean, they feel absolutely nothing like the contractions I had the first time around, so I really have no idea what's going on over here. Either way, I'll keep you posted! 
I've also had some random nausea - I now keep a bowl by the bed, just in case I can't make it downstairs. I suffered from a ton of morning sickness in the beginning though - until 16 or 17 weeks.
Ainh - I hope this is it for you as well!!! Don't feel guilty about postponing an induction! If you and the baby are fine, then there's nothing to worry about. I hope we hear good news from you soon!
Boots - My best friend had a baby 3 weeks early and he also had jaundice and had to be checked regularly at the hospital. I can tell you for certain that she DID NOT supplement with formula. She only breastfed her son. Don't stress out, seriously. His levels will go back up. If he's on the lights and everything, it will be okay. The levels usually are at their lowest about a week after birth and then they'll go up. I know it's hard to listen to your instincts when you're...
I've had something similar to this. It happened last Friday and last night. I was having a lot of pressure/cervix pain and the baby was moving like crazy - but it only lasted 2 hours for me. I feel like baby is trying to engage or something? Either way, it's a super weird sensation and not one that I've ever felt in my previous pregnancy.
Penny - I've been thinking about you a lot lately, I was seriously about to ask how everything was going. I'm so happy that they've ruled out pre-e for you, it's great!!!
I'm having the EXACT SAME situation, but I'm a second time mom and was told that it's more common with 2nd time moms. :-) My son never engaged the first time, but I don't ever remember the up and down yo-yo thing either. As an aside, he was posterior and just couldn't come out.    I think this is probably normal for your body. Are you doing any of the spinning baby stuff to relax your pelvic floor muscles? I know that you work out a lot, so maybe you need to do some...
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