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Oh I TOTALLY hear you on the house being dead last.  Mine was last to begin with, then #3 came along, and it's so far past last, I don't even know where it is anymore!  lol.  I have since hired a housekeeper once a week, whether we can afford it or not, because I CANNOT keep up with 3 boys, and a husband...lol.  Do you have family close by?  My mom came down for the birth and helped me with cleaning and stuff for the first week.  HUGE help!   Mine did not go...
I would suggest discussing your concerns with your available options!  #1 and #2 were hospital births for me.  #3 ended up being a midwife-assisted homebirth.  We live an hour away from the nearest delivering hospital.  With #2 we almost didn't make it in time.  It consisted of my dh driving 150 km/h to get there.  We didn't have that option with #3 as he was due in the middle of winter.  I was afraid of delivering in a snow bank halfway to the hospital.  I figured the...
Ha, everyone must be feeling the pinch today!  I just wrote a blog post about this very subject this morning.  Check it out if you wish:   http://azhita.blogspot.com/2011/02/oh-futility-of-it-all.html    I struggle with this daily.  If you're not right on top of it, it turns into a shambles in minutes.  Sigh.
New Posts  All Forums: