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Thank you for responding - I am busy of course, but I have been busier when the children were smaller - theres much less laundry now!   There are indeed a number of busy mums on here, seems like a lovely community I am enjoying nosing around and reading old posts - with some lovely replies and super advice.   Gill
Oh and in response - no I do not suck at keeping my house clean but then I feel that I am a bit unusual in that I clean when I am stressed, I clean if I am happy, I clean if I am unhappy - I genuinely really enjoy cleaning.   Dull women have immaculate houses. A fridge magnet one of the kids bought for me!   Gill
Hello   I am new here and you are the reason that I joined - I read your post through a link via twitter (I imagine because of my line of business cleaning related articles are sent but must admit to not being knowledgeable on twitter etc).   Anyway, I read your post and I just wanted to reassure you that from time to time we can all feel a little crappy - the 'could try harder' thing from school.  I think that perspective is lost here - you have done the most...
Hello,   I was introduced to the forum by following a twitter link (something else I am new to) - I wanted to reply immediately to a post - which I will find I am sure - but of course had to join first to do so.   Writing on a very wet and rather cold English morning - half term so the children are off school (I can't be on here for long!) I have seven children, their ages range from 24 to 5 years - it is never quiet here but I wouldn't have it any other way! Two...
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