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Completely agree with Xerxella. Keep asking questions and definitely get 2nd and 3rd opinions INCLUDING opinions from practitioners who are willing to look beyond western medicine and what has been clearly "proven" scientifically. For me, it took finding a new OB who thought that my long string of miscarriages could be due to gluten intolerance. My RE thought it was bunk and the scientific literature is inconclusive on the subject. However, when I tested as intolerant,...
L- Loren
False. The person below me is an FTM (first time mom).
Green. Innie or outie?
L = Lilah
I have been using donor eggs as well and have never used lupron or BCPs - just progesterone pio and estradiol.  Of my three FETs, all resulted in pregnancy. 
Thank you so much for your kind words and recommendations.  I checked the DCUM Board and it is certainly is a wealth of information (although I also see what you mean about mean-spiritedness).  I look forward to checking into all of the resources you mentioned further.     I also joined Rainbow families as another way of trying to access LGBT resources in the area.  I would be interested in your thoughts on this resource.    Many many thanks again for your help!
Hi all, I was a little more active on this Board a while back while TTC but became more reclusive after experiencing several losses.  After a very long journey, it looks as if we may have one that is sticking.  I am at 21 weeks today and praying that things continue to go well.    Given our situation and the state in which we live, our lawyer has advised us to try to have the baby in DC where we can both be listed on the birth certificate. My age and history of...
I'm with you, GISDiva.  I can't get enough eggs - preferably scrambled.  I so wish my little postage stamp yard in the city would allow for some chickens :-(   Peanut/Almond butter are next.  I am gluten intolerant so I generally spread one or the other on apple quarters/eigths for a pretty filling snack.
I am so sorry.  Thinking of you ....
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