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My 5 yo is really into his jumprope and hula hoop lately.  I can even do it with him for a little excercise (the jumprope anyway) and I practice with the hula hoop.  He gets such a kick out of it.
I am looking for a pediatrician in the Buffalo NY area that has vaccinations in individual doses.  DS will be going for his 6mo appointment soon and our current ped only has combo shots.  At 2mos he got the Pentacel I believe which included 5 vaccinations.  He did ok with it but seemed distant or unusual for about a week and I would rather separate and have delayed any vax since.  DS1 was on a delayed/selective schedule that worked out great.  The only combo was the Dtap...
I think I'm going to try this.  We have the same problem with my inlaws and toys.  Great idea!
We use BreastFlow BPA free bottles by The First Years with great success.  We began with one bottle a day at 3 wks because I went back to work at 6 wks and wanted ds to get used to having a bottle.  He even lets me give him the bottle once in a while! 
Have you found a Doctor or midwife yet?  I've heard of people who get a hotel room near the hospital and labor there until they're ready.  I hope everything works out for you because I know you can do it.  Your body was made for this!
I meant to say a 1/2 hour later :)
I saw the doctors and midwives at All Care for Women in E. Amherst/Transit.  My official Dr. was Dr. Ortman-Nabi.  She's great but didn't make it on time to my birth.  The midwife at Sisters Hospital helped deliver.  She was awesome.  Her name is Christeena, I think.  Can I just suggest, stay at home as long as possible.  That is what Christeena told me when I went to the hospital at 2 cm.  I went home and back to hospital when I thought I couldn't handle the pain any...
My first was a c-section.  I remember how horrible it felt to cough or sneeze.  It felt like my belly was going to rip open.  And it was very hard to move around.  But I only bled lightly for 2-3 days.  I totally lost my sex drive too.  My second, 5 years later, was natural with 2nd degree tear.  I could move ok but couldn't sit for weeks and was terrified to bm.  I bled for 6-7 weeks heavily but got my sex drive back before I was ready to do it.  I know, tmi.  But you...
Hi all!  I am 8 month preg and have been studying like crazy about VBAC and how a natural birth is supposed to be.  I switched OB last month and haven't met all the Drs yet.  They are supposed to be VBAC/natural friendly but I'm still scared that I have to be in a hospital after my first unneceserean.  I plan to stay at home as long as possible and even contemplating learning how to check my own dilation.  I have no friends or family in the area to be with me but my...
I am definitely interested.  I am due April 28th and thought it was too late to find a class.  As far as information and support I have just been scouring the web.  I've also talked to the local ICAN about providers and doulas.  I wish I had the time and money to take a hypnobirthing class.  I'm trying to go natural for baby#2.  Please keep me posted about when and where your classes will be held.  Congratulations on your upcoming certification!
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