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Hey there everybody. Welcome and Congratulations!
I regularly drink the red raspberry tea from celestial seasonings, does anybody know if it has the same benefits as the RRL tea ? Is that a stupid question? I just don't want to spend so much on the special pregnancy tea bags and keep putting off just ordering some loose leaf online. Last pregnancy a friend gave me her leftover supply! thanks in advance for any help!
I love this idea to have more thorough introductions! I am Katie, 28, and Mama to DD1 Caroline, 2yo. Been with DP Nick for 13 years and he is a pretty wonderful guy! I am truly blessed! We also have three kitties. We are renting right now, but we are sort of looking for a house to buy, so far its been really discouraging because everything in our price range is just not what we want. So, we'll see. I work full-time and DD1 goes to this wonderful child care and it works...
Oh that sounds interesting!!! Keep us posted if you try it! Do you know anybody who has had success with it? I am so anxious to find out ....
I am so glad you started this thread and reminded me that the nausea and total exhaustion eventually subside!!! It was the glimmer of hope I needed to get through the last week! I have been so exhausted! And sure enough yesterday and today I finally am able to eat a bit healthier and am feeling a bit more energized as well! What a relief. I was really beginning to feel down about my inability to get up and do any household stuff at the end of the day! So grateful that DP...
This is my second baby and I feel like I am showing so early!!! None of my pants fit anymore! I'll post pictures at some point but I feel like I just have a ton if flab not a baby bump! Anyone else? I am feeling much more susceptible to body image stuff this time around! and i know I shouldn't be, but I still am!!!!! Ahhh well! Haha. Please tell me it's not just me ..... Lol!
leavesoflaurel - that is such a beautiful conception story! Awwwww. Truly meant to be!    Its funny, because people keep asking me if this pregnancy was planned or not. Not sure what to make of that exactly ....    But, this pregnancy was planned and happened on the first cycle, so we were a bit surprised it happened so fast! DD1 was a total surprise though, and the best gift ever! 
I have never heard of intelligender, what is it?
Hello Mamas,  I am a 28 year old Mama to 2yo dear daughter. Expecting number two around 4/15/14. Hugs to Mamas experiencing losses. 
Oh March Mamas, I had a dating ultrasound recently and am measuring about three weeks later than what my last period was giving me. New due date is april 15, so I am thinking I'll join the April due date club instead so I don't go super crazy with jealousy in March! The due date change is a good thing for us because last pregnancy I went pretty late. And, I have a SUPER long cycle, like 45 + days sometimes, so it kinda makes sense! Very glad I decided to go for the dating...
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