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I am going to go back to charting. The copper IUD is starting to mess with me. Acne, cramps randomly during the month, heavy periods and random mild nausea....so done
Do you think that cloth at night helps potty learning? I have a 2.5 year old who we are attempting to re-train (was completely trained except night time at age 2, but then a new baby and wham! back is diaps). I would prefer it not being a long drawn out process
My DH was similar in that approach but now he sees that we accomplish 3x more than DS1 ever accomplishes in school. (He's in pre-k and part time homeschooled and then next year isn't going to k at all). We have agreed to re-evaluate at the end of every year and see where we are.    BTW I also teach outside the home. I work in the afternoons/nights and am also a concert artist. So, we do our schooling in the morning and early afternoon with lots of play time. We are...
I am happy to report that while we've been going back and forth with the "what to do with our eldest's education" and have done some experimenting....(Part time pre-k, homeschooled the rest of the time), my DH and I have decided to homeschool for k next year. We find it to be what's best for him and us.    Phew! 
I am a fairly structured person but don't push a ton of academics. We learn what we want when we want type of thing. If he wants to practice his letters, cool. If not, no biggie. There are 3 of them actually. The middle is 2.5 yrs and the baby is 10 months. The only reason I have been concerned about "brightness" is because we have been dealing with a ton of behavioral issues. They are much less now bc of dietary changes etc
Thanks for your input moominmamma. We aren't "set" on doing anything. We are taking it one step at a time and one year at a time. Some times he may be in school full time, other times not. The reality for us is that most of his real learning is done at home in a play atmosphere and some "formal" pre-k but not a lot just to "test the water" and see how he does so that we feel confident that he can succeed in that atmosphere if that's what we choose down the road.
He's not in a public pre-k. You only qualify for that if you already have an IEP due to sensory processing disorder, autism, aspergers or physical disabilities. I agree with you all about schooling. We do home school, and have him in a private, very very part time pre-k. Mostly so that he can continue making friends and seeing them etc. He is also learning how to play the violin etc. There are so many different activities and learning things that we do at home and while we...
Thanks Miranda, That was my hunch as well. Man I hate it when I let the "experts" tell me that my approach is wrong when it's not. I happen to be a concert violinist and educator myself, so one would think that I would know better! geez...
Yes that is the child. He's going to pre-k part time for the social aspect because I've been coming up short in terms of home school co-ops where we live. We have many but the current members aren't great at communicating back. They do encourage writing at his school and he's doing very well with it there. They have nothing but positive things to say about him at school. He's doing well etc. This evaluation was part of the overall eval for some of the things we've been...
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